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Who We Are

Micron Products is a multi-faceted manufacturing organization specializing in plastic injection molding, precision machining & finishing, and silver plated medical sensors for disposable electrodes. We work with clients of all sizes to provide manufacturing solutions and services to help our customers meet their goals. Our 140,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility is capable of serving customers’ projects from start to finish. We strive to provide results that exceed your quality initiatives, meet your financial needs, and help grow your business.

We offer an integrated set of services that allow us to be a true manufacturing ‘one stop shop’. Where others are forced to outsource numerous core components that increase your costs and lead times, we’ve expanded our capabilities to be able to handle almost any job completely in house.

Want To Work With Us?

We have sales representatives who are happy to open discussions with you on your current projects and concepts. We are always open to quote out new projects and offer competitive comparisons on your existing work.