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We are the world’s largest manufacturer of silver/silver chloride sensors for electrodes. Micron meets or exceeds all AAMI, industry standard and customer specifications. We use the finest materials and rigorously controlled processes to ensure a defect-free product.

Whether it is a fiberglass reinforced or conductive carbon filled resin, Micron sensors are recognized for their unsurpassed performance in biomedical monitoring and diagnostic applications.

Our MicroSense™ sensors set the quality standard that other companies only strive to achieve. By using innovative and proprietary manufacturing methods, our products are specially designed to meet the needs of virtually all disposable electrode manufacturers. Our sensor elements can be supplied with silver or silver/silver chloride coatings from 65 microinches to over 100 microinches using our unique process that guarantees durability and superior electrical performance.

If one of our standard lines of sensor elements does not meet your particular application, Micron has the resources and expertise to develop and manufacture a product specifically suited for you. Only Micron has the expertise, financial resources, and capabilities to produce sensors that are built to your exact specifications. Through our purchasing power and capabilities, we can provide large and small volumes of sensors at a price/performance ratio that our competitors cannot match.